Gum Drop Technique and Divas Dinner 25.06.2021

Gum Drop Technique and Divas Dinner 25.06.2021


Gum Drop Technique, Root Coverage Procedure with Biological Factors

Delia Tuttle, DDS, MD, Practise in Los Angeles

Copenhagen, 25th of June 2021
Upgrade your periodontal skills for gum recession treatment with a BETTER, FASTER and LESS INVASIVE procedure.
GUM DROP TECHNIQUE™ is a superior tunneling method for root coverage using biological factors (Bio-PRF) and regenerative medicine. This is a PAPILLA friendly technique! No more releasing incisions, invasive flaps and iatrogenic black triangles! Thrive with biology!
Grafting overhead is EXPENSIVE! Why not using patient’s own blood to improve the biotype and obtain root coverage. The procedure is safe! No infection! No rejection! No donor side! The BIO-PRF membranes can be exposed in the mouth without any risk of necrosis comparative with other graft materials. The healing is faster and patient’s acceptance is high.
Join me to share with you my specific protocol to successful obtain root coverage and improve the biotype. Medicine is evolving! Why not stem cells in Dentistry? Many Periodontists are making the change from traditional methods to Gum Drop Technique due a large overhead in the office. Why not stay biological and save money? The training is intense from lecture, phlebotomy training hands on, BIO-PRF workshop on pig jaws.
You will benefit from an intense course with 100% HANDS-ON which is going to teach you Gum Drop Technique in a very predictable way.
With the new cutting edge technology available today Dr. Delia Tuttle DDS can help. She is trained in advanced regenerative procedures using patient’s own blood and regenerative using the Bio-PRF technology. No need for a donor side as seen in traditional grafting and we achieve a faster recovery time! The procedure is performed using a small piercing instrument comparable with laparoscopic procedures in medicine. The gums will advance “drop” towards your enamel where they should belong.
The morbidity of Gum Drop Technique is less and patient case acceptance is higher comparative with the traditional grafts.
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