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The latest heating technology to extend PRF resorption

The Bio-Heat technology is an advancement and disruption in the industry to extend the resorption of PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months. This new development and protocol involve an additional heating process following centrifugation where the platelet poor plasma (PPP) layer is heated at specific temperatures to denature and reorganize albumin. This drastically extends the working resorption properties of PRF.  The Bio-Heat technology has now been extensively utilized in various fields of medicine and dentistry, including facial aesthetics.

Extend the resorption properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months with Bio-Heat.

Use the Bio-Heat heating system as step 2 after using the Bio-PRF system to significantly extend working properties of PRF

Advancing these industries with a new and natural solution


Wound healing, Arthritis treatments, Orthopeadic bone grafting, Cavity filler and drug delivery system and much more


Slow resorable membrane function, various types of bone grafts, bio-bone, bio-graft, perio injections and much more

Facial Aesthetics

Bio-filler with super slow resorption and high load of regenerative cells. Used a bio-logically filler for lips, folds and conturing of the face and much more

Bio-Heat | Protocol to produce Albumin gel plus liquid Platelet Rich Fibrin (Alb-PRF)

Bio-Heat setup including bio-Heat trays

In order to utilize this new technology, a specialized heating device (Bio-HEAT, Bio-PRF) is required (Figure 1).


Bio-PRF horizontal centrifuge to process peripheral blood

The Alb-PRF is produced by collecting peripheral blood collection using 9-10 ml tubes, without adding any additives. In a first step, peripheral blood is collected and then placed in a horizontal centrifuge (Bio-PRF) at a specialized concentrated-PRF protocol (C-PRF).

Step 1: drawing PPP fraction

The C-PRF protocol allows for an upper platelet poor plasma (PPP) layer and a highly concentrated liquid PRF layer within the buffy coat region. Two to four milliliters of the initial portion of the PPP layer is then collected with a syringe.

The PPP fraction is placed in the Bio-Heat and the heating protocol initiates

 The syringes containing PPP is then inserted into a heating device (Bio-Heat) for human serum albumin denaturation plasma, to produce the albumin gel

Step 2: Extracting the buffy coat layer

Prior to extracting the buffy coat layer, the blood portions (buffy coat, liquid PRF, and red blood cells) are left at room temperature (20°C), until the Bio-Heating technology and Bio-Cooling allow for the mixing step.

Albumin gel and C-PRF rest in the Bio-PRF metal tray

Albumin gel and C-PRF is mixed

The liquid C-PRF layer is then collected into a separate syringe. After a 10 minute heating period, the albumin gel is then mixed with the concentrated liquid-PRF (C-PRF) layer by utilizing a specialized luer lock connected and passing the liquids back and forth several times

Alb-PRF and bone graft rest in the Bio-Heat tray

The Alb-PRF can also be utilized to fabricate custom grafts utilizing a specialized designed tray to make a Bio-Graft for root coverage procedures of gingival recessions.

Bio-Heat produced Bio-Bone with strong properties

It may also be utilized to create a custom Bio-Heat membrane with incorporation of an outer ‘sticky bone’ layer to create Bio-Bone which includes an outer ‘barrier’ like membrane with a 4-6 month resorption property and an internal particulate bone layer all interconnected with living autologous cells and growth factors!

Mixing Albumin gel with the C-PRF to fabricate Alb-PRF

Bio-Bone made from Allograft & Alb-PRF

Use the Bio-Heat tray to fabricate custom grafts

Custom design graft to fit your indication using the Alb-PRF combined with our specialized designed tray to make a Bio-Graft.

You can create membranes with extended resorption properties in different sizes even strong enough to be sutured. You can combine Alb-PRF with bone grafts and create Bio-Bone with an outer ‘barrier’ like membrane with a 4-6 month resorption property and an internal particulate bone layer all interconnected with living autologous cells and growth factors!

Bio-Heat | Protocol to produce Albumin gel plus liquid Platelet Rich Fibrin (Alb-PRF) – step by step diagram

Bio-Heat | How mix Albumin gel & C-PRF + Texture of Bio-Filler

Bio-Heat | Protocols

Horizontal Centrifugation



Biological characterization of an injectable platelet rich fibrin mixture consisting of autologous albumin gel and liquid platelet rich fibrin Alb PRF

Alb-PRF article 2019


A novel method for harvesting concentrated platelet-rich fibrin (C-PRF) with a 10-fold increase in platelet and leukocyte yields

The Complete Bio-Heat kit includes
everything you need to get started

The new Bio-Heat kit includes specifically designed protocols to extend the working properties of standard PRF. All protocols have been developed utilizing the Bio-PRF horizontal centrifugation systems.

The Bio-Heat custom tray design allows fabrication of custom shapes to be utilized during various regenerative procedures in medicine and dentistry. The kit includes all syringes, caps, and connectors to fabricate Alb-PRF.