Facial Aesthetics Book

PRF in Facial Esthetics


Announcing the much anticipated book on PRF in Facial Esthetics with Dr. Catherine Davies has now been finalized by Quintessence. This is the first textbook ever produced on the topic solely dedicated on the natural regenerative potential of PRF in facial Esthetics. Many excellent contributions on topics that relate to PRF. Checkout a few screenshots from the various chapters from many international colleagues!

Many thanks to all the contributing authors including Catherine Davies, Walter Rozen, Alan Bauman, Yufeng Zhang, Ana Paz, Dr. Masako Kobayashi, Erin Anderson, Nichole Kramer, Alireza Panahpour, Ana Cristina, Harvey Shiffman, Miguel Stanley, Geir Havard, Carlos Mourao, Delia Tuttle, Ruth Delli Carpini, and Scott Delboccio.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Facial Esthetics and PRF

Chapter 2: Facial Anatomy, Skin Biology, and the Effects of Aging

Chapter 3: Photography in Facial Esthetics

Chapter 4: Consultation for the Facial Esthetic Patient

Chapter 5: Consultation for the Hair Loss Patient

Chapter 6: Use of Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Facial Esthetics

Chapter 7: Biology of Microneedling

Chapter 8: Injection Techniques with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Chapter 9: Hair Regeneration with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Chapter 10: Lasers in Facial Esthetics

Chapter 11: Skin Care Products and their Effect on Aging Skin

Chapter 12: Future Trends in Esthetics Medicine