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Introducing the BIOPRF centrifuge

Advantages of Horizontal Centrifugation


  • Up to 4 times more platelets and leucocytes
  • Higher growth factor release when compared to fixed angle centrifugation
  • Better horizontal layer separation between PRF clot and red blood cells
  • More even distribution of regenerative cells throughout the PRF clot
  • Less damage/death on the tube walls than produced on fixed angle centrifugation
  • Less RBS accumulation


100% natural and accumulates up to 4 times more platelets and leucocytes


Bio-PRF is a 100% natural and autologous three-dimensional fibrin scaffold derived from peripheral blood. Following effective centrifugation, platelets, and leukocytes and accumulated within the upper PRF layer.

Protocols utilized using horizontal centrifugation the Bio-PRF system are able to accumulate up to 4 times more platelets and leukocytes when compared to standard fixed-angle centrifuges.


Simple, Effective and 100% autologous

  • 100% autologous
  • Simple, effective
  • Improves vascularization
  • Excellent soft tissue wound healing
  • Growth factors release >10 days
  • Production of a ‘sticky’ matrix for optimal bone graft handling
  • No chemical additives

Modern studies prove that horizontal
centrifugation produces greater concentrations

A series of lab experiments demonstrated that horizontal centrifugation produces significantly greater concentrations of platelets and leucocytes when compared to the currently available fixed-angle centrifugation devices most commonly utilized L-PRF or A-PRF.

On a fixed-angle centrifuge, platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells accumulate on the back wall of tubes. This leads to improper cell separation and a reduction in platelet and leucocyte concentration.

On a horizontal centrifuge, the cells separate much more efficiently throughout the entire tubes. This leads to better layer separation and also favors cells that are evenly distributed throughout the PRF clot.

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