PRF Education Program
and Course Overview


In this section, you will find an introduction to our online PRF education program giving you an interesting insight into the science behind Bio-PRF and useful tutorials for dental clinical application. In this, you will also learn about the different protocols like C-PRF, e-PRF, Alb-PRF, and how the Bio-Heat technology changes the way PRF membranes are used in dentistry, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic medicine.

You will also find an overview of courses in Europe as well as abroad.



Course overview (EU)

19.09.2020 | Bio-PRF lecture in Bucarest | Dr. Marius Leretter | Romania | | Read more about the course

27.-28.11.2020 | PRF in Facial Aesthetics, Hands-on Course | Dr. C. Davies, Dr. R. Miron | Copenhagen | Read more about the course


Courses 2021

25.06.2021 | Gum Drop Technique in Copenhagen, Denmark | Dr. Delia Tuttle | Puredent | Read more about the course

07-09.10.2021 | Bio-PRF Divas in Dentistry, Croatia | Dr. Delia Tuttle | Read more about the Convention

For courses in the US, follow this link

Highlighted Courses


PRF in Facial Aesthetics | Hands-on Course | 27.-28/11.2020 | Copenhagen

PRF in Facial Aesthetics
2 Days hands-on course on Aesthetic treatments with the next level blood-concentrate Bio-PRF™ and novel Bio-Filler™

Get the latest update on how to utilize your patient’s biology to your advantage when doing aesthetic treatments with the next level blood-concentrate Bio-PRF™ and novel Bio-Filler™. A compact 2-day course.

Lecturer: Dr. Catherine Davies | Geir Kvalheim | Rick Miron

Participants#: 12
Qualifications: MD and Dentist
Keywords: Bio-PRF, Bio-Heat

Date: 27.-28/11. 2020
Time: 09:00-17:00
Place: Copenhagen
Price: 1850 EUR
Registration: email

Explore the products addressed in this course: Link to Bio-PRF

Gum Drop Technique | Copenhagen Airport | 25.06.2021

Gum Drop Technique:
Root Coverage Procedure With  Biological Factors | Bio-PRF

”The gum drop technique (GDT) is a novel soft-tissue grafting procedure that combines minimally invasive incisions with blood derivatives from the patient to achieve root coverage. It is a Papilla friendly technique without releasing incisions, invasive flaps, and iatrogenic black triangles! The course includes theory on Bio-PRF, Gum Drop Technique, and Hands-on training.

In the evening you have the option to attend our Divas in Dentistry Dinner.

See the full program here

Lecturer: Delia TUTTLE, DDS, MD

Course no: 2021-05
Participants#: 20
Qualifications: Dentists
Keywords: Gum drop Technique, Bio-PRF, GTR

Date: 25.6.2021
Time: 09:00-17:00
Place: CPH Airport, Denmark
Address: Clarion Airport Hotel
Education points:  6 CE
Price: 1.500 EUR
See the full program here
Registration here

Explore the products addressed in this course: Link to Bio-PRF

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Online Education

Advanced PRF Education – online

Advanced PRF Education is an online platform that was created to meet the large demand for doctors, dentists, and related-staff to learn the advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin in regenerative dentistry, medicine, and facial esthetics!

Course outline:

Key concept 1: Biology of Wound Healing
Key concept 2: Understanding Platelet Concentrates
Key concept 3: Unboxing and Programming a PRF system
Key concept 4: Basics of Phlebotomy

Key concept 5: Clinical Indications of PRF
Key concept 6: Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics
Key concept 7: Understanding PRF Tubes
Key concept 8: Harvesting C-PRF and Alb-PRF


See the introduction video below

Online Training Program

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Online education


Bio-PRF & Bio-Heat | Webinar

Recorded webinar: Updates in Platelet Rich Fibrin:

Lecturer: Richard MIRON, DDS, MSc, Ph.D., Dr. med. dent.

Duration: 120 minutes